How do I purchase new credits?

To purchase codes, enter the number of courses required, click ‘Proceed’ and complete the credit card payment process.

If paying by BACS, select the ‘Invoice’ option. The system will allow you to enter student’s names only when payment has been received. You will receive confirmation from us by e-mail as soon as we receive your payment.

To allocate the codes purchased;

  • Click ‘Student Admin’ and then ‘Sponsor a Student’ and enter a student name and email address.
  • For each name and email address entered, we will send a Student Access Code. The student will need this code when logging in for the first time.
  • You can allocate as many students at a time as you wish, up to the total number of courses you have purchased. The system keeps a tally of the number of purchased courses allocated to students so you will always know how many remain available to allocate.
  • To monitor the progress of the students click ‘Student Admin’
  • You can view how many courses are still available for allocation
  • You can buy further courses when required.

If, as a sponsor, you are also going to be a student, just allocate yourself a code as you would another student. However, when you register as a student, use a different login name and password (not the one you use as a sponsor.)

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